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Mental Health & Ketamine Clinic in Noblesville, IN

Find relief and support with help from our Reverie Mind team and the Indiana Health Group. If you’re visiting us for ketamine therapy or clinical study information, our team will assist you. Relax in our reclining massage chairs as you get the treatment or information you need.

Looking for a support system that can help you navigate the complexities of mental health? We’ve partnered with Indiana Health Group to ensure you receive the professional guidance and assistance you deserve.

On Your Schedule

Our Noblesville center is by appointment only, making our hours as custom as our treatment plans! We’re here for you, so don’t hesitate to let us know a few convenient times that work for your schedule.

Noblesville Services Offered

Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine Therapy

Initially developed for use as an anesthetic, ketamine is now widely used as an effective way to address treatment-resistant pain and mental health challenges.

  • Fast-acting
  • Long-lasting
  • Helps restore communication within the brain
Comprehensive Solutions

Comprehensive Solutions

We partner with Indiana Health Group in Noblesville to offer comprehensive solutions. Reverie Mind will handle your ketamine needs, and Indiana Health Group will assist with general psychiatry and counseling support.

  • Paves the way for lasting results
  • Ensures root sources, not only symptoms, are addressed
  • Offers relief to those let down by traditional therapeutics

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“Great staff and atmosphere. I felt like the staff really listened to me and made me feel comfortable during treatment.”

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